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Cruising from Mandalay to Bagan
     Myanmar, “The Golden Country,” never disappoints. The country is dotted with beautiful golden pagodas, Buddha statues, and spires. Read More
Exploring Singapore and Malaysia
     In the late 90s upon arrival at Singapore’s award-winning Changi Airport, I was impressed to see an information kiosk where transiting passengers were signing up for free city tours. Read More
United Arab Emirates - Making Dubai Affordable
     With their oil reserves nearly depleted Dubai’s economic focus has turned to tourism. Read More
Asia - Savoring Cooking Experiences
     I love serving my dinner guests Phad Thai and having them ask, “Where did you learn to make Phad Thai?” I enjoy their surprised looks when I reply, “At the Peninsula Hotel in Bangkok. Read More
Malaysia - Taman Negara
     Malaysia’s Taman Negara is the world’s oldest rainforest – a staggering 130 million years old – making it older than the Congo or Amazon.
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Kerala India India-Kerala
     Located in the southwestern part of India, the state of Kerala is a narrow strip of land between the Arabian Sea and the Western Ghats.
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Cambodia Cambodia-The Ghastly and The Glorious
          The glory of Cambodia is found in the huge temple complex of Angkor. It is the heart and soul of Cambodia, a source of great pride and inspiration as they rebuild their lives. Read More
Hanoi Vietnam-Hanoi Adventures
The people are gracious, the food excellent, and the prices rock bottom. Signs of the hoped for tourist boom are everywhere. Now, before it changes too much and hordes of tourists arrive, is the time to visit Hanoi.
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Click To View Full Size Mekong Rest Stop: Bin Hoa Phuoc
The boat ride to this island paradise is full of photo opportunities; red-eyed boats piled impossibly high with rice move downriver, a "long-tail" filled with produce putts by on its way to the local market.
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